How can I include an embed code within my Presentation?

Embed codes are not accepted by most presentation programs such as PowerPoint but, there are other ways to include your video.

While embed codes are generally not supported in Presentation programs such as PowerPoint or GoogleSlides, you still have options!

Once your share link has been created following these steps here, you can then copy the shared streaming link directly into your presentation as a URL. This will not play directly in the presentation but will open up a separate tab or window instead.

If you have a Streaming account, this is what your course share screen will look like.

If you use the "URL" field above, that will give you a direct link to the course share which will open up the course page as shown below.

If you'd like to bypass the course page and have your link go directly to the video, be sure to select the highlighted area as indicated below and use that as the URL link in your presentation. Your link will then take you directly to the shared video as shown below.


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