How To: Send Enrollment Reminders

This will cover one of the ways to send email enrollment reminders to your users.


1. Start on your Dashboard under "Manage Users", then select "Course Enrollments" drop-down, then click the "View List" link. By sending reminders through the Enrollments option you can also select who you want to send them to.



2. From here select the green Send Enrollment Reminders button



3. On the Send Enrollment Reminders screen you will have options for individualizing the reminders. You also have the option to notify all of your users at once by selecting Add All



4. From here you can review your selection of Users and Courses. You also have the option to send reminders for all current enrollments that have not been opened to be notified again.


5. After that, you can set a time period for the enrolled to and enrolled from of the enrollments you want your users to be notified of.


6. Lastly, you want to match the time zone to the time zone of the enrollments, and then you can go ahead and review.



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