SCORM Dispatches and test file

Have questions about our SCORM Dispatch format for your LMS? Check out the information below!


SCORM files are pre-built, off-the-shelf courses that are ready to begin training as soon as you load them in! They have knowledge checks throughout the program as well as a graded quiz at the end. SCORM courses are not customizable.


SCORM Files offer:

  • Pre-built interactive courses
  • Compatibility in any SCORM 1.2 compliant LMS
  • Graded quizzes
  • Pre-set passing scores

If you would like to give a SCORM course a trial, feel free to download this test course from the following link below. (Select Download from the right column)

Follow the directions from your Learning Management System to upload the course, and see how it works for you.


SCORM Test File