SCORM/VOD: Failed to Execute Error

If you encounter "Failed to execute 'requestMediaKeySystemAccess' on 'Navigator': requestMediaKeySystemAccess is disabled by permissions policy." error, then this article will be able to provide you multiple solutions.

The error mentioned in the subtitle of this article will occur when there is a permission missing within the iframe generated by your LMS. The permission in question is the "encrypted-media" permission, as even indicated on the VOD embed code dispatches.



This permission is a way to protect our content, and it is something we cannot remove. With that said, there are still ways to fix this, both temporarily and permanently.


The best way to fix this issue is to contact your LMS support and tell them that they need to include "encrypted-media" permission on the allowed list of permissions in the iframe they are generating. If they allow this, then the issue should be fixed permanently for all the courses.


There is also an alternative option to fix this, but this is not a permanent solution because you will just be using a different browser that handles permissions in a different way. If you use Mozilla FireFox, this error will not occur because they handle "encrypted media" differently.


Lastly, the final solution would be moving to our WAVE LMS. If you would like to be set up with a demo, please reach out to your sales representative.


"If you need further assistance after reading this article, please submit a ticket HERE and someone from our team will assist you soon!"