How To: Use Group Authority for your WAVE Groups

Have a group manager that's in 2 places but need them to act as a learner in 1? If so, check out this short guide on group authority.


On your "Dashboard" we will want to navigate to the "Manage Users" section, select the "Groups" dropdown, and click on the "View List" Link



On the "Groups" page you will want to select the group you would like to edit by clicking on the blue pencil icon on the left side of the screen.



Once inside the group we will want to navigate to the "Users" section,



From the "Users" section you can check what Group Managers you would like to give/remove autority over that group. Once you have selected the Group Managers you can then select "Give/Remove Users Authority" from the top.



This feature is very useful if you would like a Group Manager to act as a learner in one group but still be able to manger another.


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