How To: Install VLC Video Player

When viewing our USBs and DVDs you may need a media player depending on your computer. Our Support team prefers VLC, but use what you like best. This article will go over how to install VLC.


1. Start HERE and then select the orange Download VLC button


Step 1-4


2. The program should begin downloading in the bottom left corner


Step 2.1


3. Once the download completes the installer will launch and you will then select your preferred language, they offer many options!


Step 3-10


4. The Setup guide will then appear, click Next


Step 4-9


5. Then review the License Agreement and click Next


Step 5-6


6. For this screen we recommend what they have preset, if you or your IT team prefers different than what is checked that is okay as well and feel free to change it. Then click Next.


Step 6-5


7. The installer will preselect a location and inform you will how much room it will need. Click Install to get things rolling.


Step 7-2


8. Now the install will begin


Step 8-1


9. Then you are done! Click Finish to exit the installer.


Step 9-1



"If you need further assistance after reading this article, please submit a ticket HERE and someone from our team will assist you soon!"