How To: Enroll a User

Time to get your users enrolled in a course


1.) From the "Dashboard", click on "Course Enrollments" drop down under "Manage Users", then click "View List".



2.) Select the Enroll Users button.



3.) Select the Users and the courses you want to enroll. Use the Group filter to grab a whole group. The courses and users will appear in the columns underneath.



4.) (Optional) Select Start and End dates for your users as well as Auto Extend and Auto Re-Enroll options.




Auto Extend options will automatically extend the end date of the enrollment by the amount of days in the Auto Extend Days box for any unopened or incomplete courses.

Leaving the Auto Extend Count blank will set the course to Auto Extend indefinitely so it is always good habit to set a number on it how many times you would like they Auto Extend to trigger.


5.) Select your Enrollment Option and Registration Option.



Note: For New enrollments, select Create New Enrollments and Restart Course Progress

For Re-Enrollment (retaking the course), select Change Existing Enrollments and Re-Enroll


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