How to: Edit Course Results?

In some cases, a learner finished the course and it was still marked as incomplete, and this is a quick fix to that problem.

First of all, only managers with permission to do this are allowed to edit course results to avoid tampering and maintain the integrity of the results. If you want to get permissions, you can ask support if you do not have access to this feature.


To edit course results, you want to go to the course results screen by clicking it on your dashboard in the reporting section.


On this screen, you can filter out the list to narrow it down to show only the users that need editing of their results. You can achieve this by filling up the options you need on the left-hand side of the screen and clicking "Filter". After doing so, you will find a check mark on the last column of the user that will mark it as complete, and there you go!



Please take note that you can only do this on courses that are currently incomplete and not on those that have never been opened.

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