Can I use my own content in your WAVE system or am I restricted to your content only?

Your content or ours - it doesn't matter!

You do not have to use our content at all if you don't want it!  But, you can also combine our content with another vendors content (or your own) so you have the best of both worlds.


You're able to to so by using our course builder feature. Click HERE to see those steps.


Choosing the course type "interactive training"* allows you to upload SCORM 1.2, Tin Can or AICC files that either you've created or have purchased from other vendors into our system, SafetySoft!


*Please note that by choosing this course type takes away the ability to create custom course sections that included uploads, quizzes, questions etc. If those are capabilities you want, you'll need to choose the course type to be "safetysoft course" in which you will not be able to upload SCORM 1.2, Tin Can or AICC files to that specific course.


Reach out to us to learn more!