Zoom Documentation

  1. Linking Atlantic LMS Account to Zoom Account
  2. Creating Zoom Meetings
  3. Deleting Zoom Meetings
  4. Joining/Starting Zoom Meetings
  5. Adding Users to Zoom Meetings
  6. Attaching Zoom Meetings to LMS Enrollments
  7. Unlinking Atlantic LMS Account from Zoom Account
  8. Contacting Support



Linking Atlantic LMS Account to Zoom Account

Scopes: /user:read  /user_info:read

To link your Zoom account to your Atlantic LMS account you must first login, then hover over your name in the top right corner, and then click the “Profile” button in the menu that appears. If your company has the Zoom integration permissions enabled, which would be done via an admin, you should see a “Link Zoom Account” button on the bottom of the form near save and cancel: 

Once you click the “Link Zoom Account” you receive the following prompt:


After clicking “OK” you will be taken to Zoom in order to sign in to your account:

Click the “Allow” button after you log in with the checkbox also selected:


Now you should receive the following message and be linked:

Once you are authenticated you will see the “Link Zoom Account” button on the profile page has been changed to “Unlink Zoom Account”:



Creating Zoom Meetings

Scopes: /meeting:read /meeting:write

Once your account is linked then you will have the ability to create a Zoom Meeting. You can then go to your dashboard, find the Zoom section, and click “Manage Zoom Meetings”:

From here you can view, filter, join, and start existing meetings or create new  meetings:


In order to create a new meeting click the “Create Zoom Meeting” button which will take you to this form where you can decide the details of your meeting and click “Save”:

If you would like to create a meeting with one of the recurring meeting types then you will see the following “Recurrence Settings” button appear:

Fill out your desired “Recurrence Settings” in the popup that appears and click “Save”:

You will then receive the following message:

After that you click “OK” and you will return to the meeting creation view. From there click “Save” and your meeting will be created.

The meeting options which you set will be sent to the Zoom API using your linked Zoom account’s credentials to create this meeting on your behalf. You will now see your new meeting on the “Manage Zoom Meetings” page shown above.



Deleting Zoom Meetings

Scopes: /meeting:write /meeting:read

To delete a Zoom meeting all you must do is go to the “Manage Zoom Meetings” page and click the edit button here on the desired meeting:

Once on this page you will see the “Delete” button at the top:

Once you click the “Delete” button the LMS will send a request to Zoom API on your behalf to delete the meeting as well as deleting it from the LMS.

If a meeting is deleted from your Zoom account itself, if the meeting exists in the LMS as well an event will be sent telling it to be deleted from the LMS.



Joining / Starting Zoom Meetings

Scopes: /user_zak:read

If you have the permission to create meetings / view the “Manage Zoom Meetings” page then you may join any meetings which have been created within your company from there. If you are the person which created the meeting then you will also have the option to start the meeting from the same view:

If you are not the creator of a given meeting then you would still be able to join  but would see the following rather than a button in the “Start” column:

You may only join or start a meeting within 15 minutes of the schedule start time, if one was set, and trying to do so earlier provides the following messages:


You also may not start or join a meeting after it’s ended, which is determined via the duration and start date, if set, and trying to do so will provide this message:

If the meeting meets the criteria and is ready to join / start you will be redirected to the “Zoom Client” view where you’ll have the following prompt:

If the host has not started the meeting yet then you can just hold tight and when they do your view will be updated.

Once you have successfully joined or started the meeting you will see the familiar full screen Zoom meeting view:

When the meeting is over or you decide to leave the meeting you will be taken back to the “Manage Zoom Meetings” page you were on.

For users who do not have the permission to create meetings, just the permission to view, you may only join the meetings which you have been invited to. 

Those meetings can be viewed and joined from the “Zoom Invites” page which is accessible from the dashboard “Zoom” section: 

The same limitations on when you can join and the behavior within the meeting view itself apply when joining from the “Zoom Invites” page.


Adding Users to Zoom Meetings

Scopes: N/A

Once a meeting is created as a company manager you may invite users by clicking this icon in order to access the existing meetings information: 

On the next page you will see the “Users” tab:

Clicking on the “Users” tab will take you to the following view where you should then click the “Add Users” button:

From there you will be able to pick from a list of users within your company to invite to your meeting. Once you have selected all those which you would like you then click the “Associate” button:

Atlantic LMS will then send emails to all invitees notifying them of their invite which will look like this (meeting types which use start time will include that information in the email as well):

And with the user added to the meeting now they can see it on their “Zoom Invites” page and join as detailed in the previous section.


Attaching Zoom Meetings to LMS Enrollments

Scopes: N/A

In order to attach a created meeting to an LMS course enrollment a manager with the permissions to create enrollments can go to the “Course Enrollments” section under “Manage Users”:

From there you can either edit an existing enrollment in the list or create a new one via clicking the “Enroll User(s)” button:

In either case you follow the usual process for enrollment but will now additionally  see the following “Zoom Options” section where you can choose which meeting to attach to the enrollment (note: instant meetings can not be attached):

With this when the enrolled user goes to take their course they will only be able to start the course if they are there at the start time, if set, or at most 5 minutes prior to the start time. If they arrive early they will see this message:


Also if the attached meeting has expired then the user will be unable to start and receive the following message:

If the user is able to join they will see the start button as expected and be able to start the course. The difference being that they will now see the “Zoom Component” view which loads an instance of the meeting for the user which is draggable:

When the host starts the meeting the user will be connected if it hasn’t been started yet when the user initially starts the course.



Unlinking Zoom Account from Atlantic LMS Account

Scopes: N/A

To unlink your Zoom account all you need to do is go to the profile page and click the “Unlink Zoom Account” button. The LMS will send a deauthorization request to Zoom:

If successful the previous “Link Zoom Account” button will be visible again.

If you remove the app from your actual Zoom account this will send a deauthorization event to Atlantic LMS and also remove access to your account.


Contacting Support

If at any point when using the integration you encounter trouble feel free to reach out to our support team. Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm EST.

If you create a ticket using the form accessible here you can expect a first response in a timely manner and our support team will help you resolve whatever the issue may be.