WAVE Update/Change Log

Change Log for 12/1


-  Users can now view previously completed sections when taking a custom course



- Fixes for question import sheet regarding feedback capabilities

- Fixes for news page formatting


Change Log for 11/20

New Features:

- Added new “Feedback” capabilities to the question model allowing course builder to provide users taking course with feedback on the responses.

-  Added new “Toolbox” module which is accessible via the “Safety Toolbox” link on the dashboard if the existing Safety Toolbox permission is turned on. This new portal provides the user with a library of resources to view, print, download, or use when building a course.

-  Added a button on the “My Toolbox” view for users to submit a request for a Safety Data Sheet to be added to the “Toolbox”

-  Added permission which allows for a “View My Answers” link on the learner dashboard under the ‘Reporting’ section that leads to a question submission view for learners which includes any feedback available.

-  Added permission which allows for the ‘Need Assistance?’ section on the learner dashboard with a "Help Articles" link which leads to knowledge base articles geared toward learners.


 -  Lightly redesigned quiz and question sections for a cleaner user interface.

-  Updated import sheet to allow questions with "Feedback" to be created there as well.

-  Changed header on “The Safety Toolbox” CMS page to “Refresher Training Material” and made that page now accessible by the “Refresher Training Material” link rather than the “Safety Toolbox” link.


-  Added various validations to improve user experience when building a course



Change Log for 10/25 


-  Fixed error with validation for blank answers in question creation

-  Fixed error when trying to import questions due to new question type added




Change Log for 10/16


New Features:

- Added "Multiple Choice (Single Answer)" question type which allows for only one response to a question and is displayed using radio buttons

- Added filters and sorts to the catalog view for languages


- Fixed issues which can arise from re-enrollment and restarting of custom courses via the enrollment page which prevents users from completing or restarting their course

-  Fixed bug where if multiple quizzes were assigned to a custom course an error was incorrectly showing when the user went to submit that no answer was selected




Change Log for 10/10


New Features:

-  Added bookmark filter to the course side of the enrollment page

-  Added employee ID field to the user profile which is not editable by learners

-  Ability to sort course sections more easily with buttons

-  Ability to create questions on the course section and create page on the fly when adding a question course section

-  Ability to have up to three quizzes set on a course section allowing for users taking the course to choose which quiz they will take


- Copy within email alerts in the system have been generalized to remove references to "Atlantic"

-  Logo which is used in email alerts will be the company's logo if populated now rather than always the Atlantic logo